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May 02, 2016


Houston, Texas, EE. UU.

Amas a Beyoncé, te da igual o la odias. No importa qué sentimientos tengas por ella, el fenómeno Queen B está de regreso con 'Lemonade' y el revuelo en Internet está siendo demasiado notorio. Un álbum visual con 12 nuevas canciones y un documental emitido por HBO, el arranque en Miami del Formation World Tour y una terapia musical disfrazada de disco sorpresa. ¿Algo más que añadir al fenómeno Beyoncé?/ You can love or hate Beyoncé. No matter what is your opinion about her, the phenomenon Queen B is back with 'Lemonade' and the buzz on the internet is being too noticeable. A visual album with 12 new songs and a documentary broadcast by HBO, the beginning of the Formation World Tour in miami and a music therapy disguised of a surprise album. Anything else you can add to the phenomenon Beyoncé?

Lemonade de Beyoncé (en una referencia a la popular frase "Si la vida te da limones, haz limonada") es un retrato de empoderamiento femenino donde conviven escenas de protesta contra el racismo, mensajes feministas e historias personales que han convertido a Beyoncé en una diosa humana. Es una estrella que admite que su vida no es tan perfecta como las redes sociales y sus fans nos hicieron creer./ Beyoncé's Lemonade (in a reference to the popular quote "If life gives you lemons, make lemonade") is a portrait of female empowerment where you can find scenes of protest against racism, feminist messages and personal stories that are just screaming that Beyoncé is a human goddess. She's a star who admits that her life is not as perfect as social media and their fans believe.
Pero más allá del quiebre matrimonial de Beyoncé y Jay Z nos encontramos con una situación inteligente para aumentar unos cuantos millones la fortuna de Queen B, en una penitencia artística donde 'Lemonade' supone uno de los discos más personales de su carrera. Bee lo hace de nuevo: rompe las redes sociales, agota entradas para sus conciertos y de paso aprovecha la música como un antídoto para sanar las heridas./ But beyond the marital breakdown of Beyoncé and Jay Z we find an intelligent situation to raise up a few millions to Queen B's fortune, in an artistic penance where 'Lemonade' represents one of the most personal albums of her career. Bee does it again: she knows how to break the Internet, she knows how to sell out tickets for concerts and she knows how to use music as an antidote to heal wounds.

El post de hoy va dedicado a Beyoncé, a su sexto álbum quien no necesita más artículos en Internet, pero nos encanta y nos orilla a la desesperación con tal de conseguir una entrada para sus conciertos. Estas son mis 6 canciones favoritas desde una perspectiva más visual. ¿Cuál ilustración y cuál letra es tu preferida?/ Today's post is dedicated to Beyoncé, to her sixth album even tho she doesn't need more articles on the Internet, but we love her and we're definitely despair to get a ticket for her concert. These are my 6 favorite songs now in a more visual perspective. Choose your favorite illustration - visual lyric!

S O R R Y  from Lemonade
"Today I regret the night I put that ring on
He always got them fucking excuses
I pray to Lord you reveal what his truth is
I left a note in the hallway
By the time you read it, I'll be far away..."

P R E T T Y   H U R T S  from Beyoncé
"Blonder hair, flat chest
TV says bigger is better
South beach, sugar free
Vogue says thinner is better"

B E S T  T H I N G  I   N E V E R   H A D  from 4
"What goes around comes back around, hey, my baby
I bet it sucks to be you right now
What goes around comes back around..."

I R R E P L A C E A B L E  from B'Day
"Baby I won't shed a tear for you, I won't lose a wink of sleep
'Cause the truth of the matter is replacing you is so easy"

C O U N T D O W N  from 4
"All that gossip in 10 years, stop it!
London speed it up, Houston rock it!

F O R M A T I O N  from Lemonade
"I see it, I want it, I stunt, yellow-bone it
I dream it, I work hard, I grind 'til I own it
I twirl on them haters, albino alligators"
Click through, let the magic wash over you, and share with your LDR-loving


  1. Buen análisis ... no soy muy fan la verdad igual puedo escucharla pero si no la oigo no pasa nada jiji

    saludos LL

  2. Me encanta todo y por supuesto que soy fan de Queen B, ¿hay alguien a quien no le gusta, en serio? jajaja

    Por cierto ya estoy escuchando el disco, muy buena recopilación de canciones, aunque te diré que te ha faltado mi favorita que es Love on top!!!

    Chris, xx

    1. ¡Yo también amo Love on top! A ver si hago una segunda parte.

      Besos, Chris!

  3. I love how you matched these illustrations of yours with her songs! Beautiful illustrations all of them, they show different parts of feminine identity and sensibility! You really captured the emotion behind the songs, they all refect the lyrics in a meaningful way. I really like that first one, you got Beyonce's eye expression down perfectly!

    My opinion about Beyonce is pretty neutral, I can't say that I'm her fan but there are a quite a few of her songs that I really like. She is a very talented singer but sometimes it seems to me that she is not showing her true potential as a singer... she is too talented to stick only to pop and rap songs.

    Anyway, I love that yellow Cavalli dress she is wearing in that video for Lemonade. I haven't seen the music video yet (or heard the song), but I've seen photos and that dress looks great on her.

    1. Thanks, Ivana! Yes, I wanted to represent some parts of the feminine identity using Beyoncé's songs, I'm a feminist and I really adore how she's putting this topic in our actual context.

      And yes! Sometimes Beyoncé is not showing her true potential voice! That's what I still prefer her ballads!

      PS: That yellow Cavalli dress is stunning! :D

    2. I love her ballads too! I think she has such a powerful voice, that is why it seems a waste of her talent to sing simple songs (that everyone could sing) but naturally it is up to her to decide what she wants. If she sang only ballads, then her concert wouldn't be a lot of fun, so I guess like with all of us, it is about finding our balance. Stars have a lot of influence on their fans, so it is always good when they talk about important subjects such as feminism.

  4. Una vez más, un post muy guay y las ilustraciones increíbles como siempre amigo :D


  5. I love all of your "visual lyrics." These are such beautiful illustrations. The second one is my favourite.

  6. Hola Pablo!!!
    Me gusta bastante Queen B, pero el ultimo todavía no lo he escuchado, tengo que ponerme a ello, lo que si que me reencantan son tus ilustraciones!! Uau!! Que buen homenaje a esa gran artista ;)


    1. El nuevo disco es muy bueno, tal vez un poco más personal que los anteriores, pero seguro que te gusta.

      Ya me dirás :)

  7. Un analisis realmente perfecto, me encanta, enhorabuena!!!
    calzado docrtorcrisis

  8. La verdad es que no soy muy fan pero me encantó el post, Besos.


  9. Está de regreso y como siempre arrasando pero lo tuyo Pablo es muy fuerte, vaya post e ilustraciones ! tu también eres un artista, enhorabuena por el post Pablo !


  10. Hola Pablo! :) How are you? Hope that you're doing fine, my dear ;)
    Personally maybe I'm not huge fan of Beyonce, but I really appreciate that she's doing a lot to women and she speaks loud about many problems, she has huge impact on changing world, in fact. I've heard her new album and I think that I have to check it out on YouTube ASAP. What's more, I love your illustrations, Pablo, they're terrific! :)

    1. *It should be: I've heard about her new album ;) Sorry for mistake, I'm little tired ;)

    2. Hey dear! We don't need to be her fans to detect that she's speaking about many things that concern women (especially black women) so it's cool when somebody with her status and power can use her voice to say something louder!

      Thanks for the comment about the illustration, really appreciate it! :3

  11. Amo a Beyonce y tu eres un artistazo Pablo!!!


  12. I'm in love with your illustrations more than Beyonce herself. The one song that I like of hers is "Crazy in Love" which is from a long time ago. Now I don't find her music very appealing, but love how empowering and strong she is.
    Have a beautiful day, Pablo!

    1. Ooow thanks Radi! I love 'Crazy in Love' too! But I don't know if that song could apply to her current relationship status, haha

  13. La verdad es que nunca he sido muy fanática de Beyonce o mejor dicho en realidad nunca me gusto, admito que he escuchado una que otra canción y no son malas, pero no se, hay algo en ella que no me gusta, de hecho siempre me pasa que todos adoran a algún artista (tipo las Kardashian y Jenner) y yo las detesto jaoajajo xd pero como se dice, todos tenemos gustos distintos y hay que respetarlos, en resumen no me gusta Beyonce pero las fotos que pusiste están geniales, un abrazo :)

    1. ¡Hola Paz! Gracias por tu sincera opinión, todos los comentarios son valorados si son honestos, especialmente en esta época en la que todo el mundo está en los blogs y en Instagram poniendo corazones y no cuestionando nada. Obviamente todos tenemos gustos distintos y hay mucho que elegir :)

      Espero próximamente alguno de los reviews de discos de cantantes/bandas sea de tu agrado ;)


  14. grewat post !
    please follow my blog : YOUNG BLOG

    1. lol, I think you didn't even take a look at the content, so I won't follow you :p

  15. Hola Pablo! Soy una de esas personas que realmente no se preocupan acerca de Beyonce, pero debo decir que ella es muy guapa y talentosa. Aunque, me gustaría ver la película de Lemonade de Beyonce!


    Stacey |

    1. ¡Hola Stacey! No he visto el filme de Lemonade, pero dicen que está bueno :p

  16. Have a great evening, Pablo! :)

  17. I haven't heard or seen the album yet, but I can't wait! Awesome post!


  18. ¡Qué ilustraciones tan bonitas, me chiflan! Me encanta Beyoncé, tiene una voz perfecta. Siempre me quedaré con su canción Halo ❤

    Un besito,
    Melania |

  19. I am a huge fan of Queen B, her music never disappoints and her album is always better than the previous one. This is such an amazing article my dear and I also love the songs you choose, Pretty hurts, countdown, best thing I never heard and irreplaceable are my favorite from your list. This is an amazing post dear and thanks for sharing!!




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