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July 04, 2016


¡Hola de nuevo! Perdón por el silencio en la última semana, he estado preparando papeles y cuestiones burocráticas que normalmente no aparecen en las películas de Hollywood cuando los personajes deciden emigrar de un país a otro, pero 'C'est la vie' y de nada sirve quejarse, aunque... ¿a alguien por aquí le gustan los papeleos?./ Hi again! Sorry for the radio silence in the last week, I've been preparing papers and bureaucratic issues that normally do not appear in Hollywood movies when the main character decide to migrate from one country to another, but 'C'est la vie' and I won't complain about it, but... does anyone around here likes paperwork?

Pasando a temas más alegres (y coloridos) me he unido a la temática de los favoritos del mes pero a mi manera: ilustrando cada hallazgo y organizando los artículos por paletas cromáticas, en este caso el color Rosa Cuarzo es protagonista de mis picks veraniegos y descubrimientos del mes de Junio. Suave pero convincente el color elegido por Pantone como protagonista del 2016 sugiere relajación incluso en el ajetreo del verano, dejando ser un color exclusivamente femenino./ Moving to happier (and colorful) issues I decided to post my favorites of the month but in my own way: illustrating each product and organizing them by color palettes, in this case the color Rose Quartz is the protagonist of my summer picks of June. Gentle but convincing, the color chosen by Pantone as the protagonist of 2016 suggests relaxation even in the busy summer, and we have to take into account that pink is not only a color for women anymore.


  1. I feel so basic being next to your blog.

    New post is up on UNIQUEYEAH !

  2. Wow, great post!

  3. Rose Quartz is a lovely colour and I totally agree that pink is not only for girls. I love seeing men wear pink and anyway I think there is no sense in making some kind of gender division between colours.

    Your illustration is absolutely perfect as always....we're so lucky you share your art with us! I always enjoy seeing your works and I can't get enough of them.

    I'm sorry to hear about the paperwork and residence problems but you know I can totally relate to you. I've been married for almost 4 years and I still haven't got the citizienship in Bosnia and Herzegovina! I'm originally from Croatia but I moved when I got married....and despite the fact I pay a lot of money to this state EVERY YEAR to get so called 'permission of residence', I don't have any rights. That is why I'm so often in Croatia because here I have my medical insurance...and I have to visit the doctors quite often. So, believe me: I understand you well.

    Anyway, fantastic post...thanks for stopping by...and yes, I'm feeling better (finally)!

    1. Hello there, Ivana! Thanks as usual, I really appreciate every comment you share on the blog because you always help me to expand my beliefs and my creativity :) Also you made my day with your sweet opinion about my illustrations, you're an inspiration too and I'm always looking forward to create new concepts :D

      And well, about the residence it is a necessary thing to do, even tho is not the funniest activity in the world but at least I'm almost done with it! Thanks for the empathy, dear, haha, it is the price of moving from country to another!


    2. yes, we must remember that there are also advantages of another country...we get to call another place our home and that is pretty cool. I like the idea of having multiple homes, deep inside I'm really a nomad:)

  4. Your artwork really sets apart your blogs from others out there. Always a pleasure seeing what you post!

    ps; I need that bandana, and probably the water bottle too since pizza is just the best.


    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment, Marta! The banda is the IT piece of the season, so get one as soon as you can ;)

  5. I'm so in love wih this color! Definitely my fa of the year (well, pastel pink is my fav at all)!^^
    And I totally agree about men wearing pink: if well combined it's a very refined and stylish color for them!
    Great illustration! :)ù

  6. Hola Pablo!
    The tee and the bandana are really cool. They would go perfect together. Thanks for sharing your favorites and I hope you're having a great day.
    I had an amazing Iuly 4th celebration, lots of laughter and fireworks!
    Talk to you soon!

  7. Hola Pablo! Tienes toda la razón porque hacer tramites es TERRIBLE xD
    A pesar de que amo el negro ese color rosa cuarzo es de mis favoritos porque es muy "pastel" y me gusta usarlo en verano :)
    Te quedo hermosa la ilustración, me gusto mucho la botella de agua, que tentación comprarla con el pretexto de que me ayudaría a tomar mas agua xD
    Besos y buena semana!

  8. Me encanta la selección Pablo! La camiseta de SUPER es total, espero que estés genial.


  9. He visto algún jean para chico en rosa cuarzo pero uffff le falta algo, no he caído de momento, jejeje.
    Las cuestiones burocráticas o papeleos acaban con la paciencia de uno, jjjrrrrrr.

    Super molona la ilusttración artista !

    Un abrazo Pablo

  10. Me encanta rosa cuarzo <3 significado de cuarzo rosa es para atraer el amor. Te siempre tiene ilustraciones maravillosas!

    Un beso!

    Stacey +

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. No sabes cuanto te entiendo! La burocracia aquí es un poco desespertante y yo pensé que la serbia era la peor :D Me costó muchísimo sacar el NIE y permiso de residencia hace unos años y todavía estoy en proceso de obtener la nacionaliad. En fin, hay que tener mucha paciencia. Espero que acabes pronto con todo eso...
    El rosa quarzo es un color precioso y creo que poco a poco se está convirtiendo en un básico. Me encantan las ilustaciones y la botella es muuuuy motivadora jaja :D ;)


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