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June 10, 2016


Phoenix, Arizona, EE. UU.

En el post de hoy me he unido a mi amiga Avi Valencia de Petite Fashion Monster para crear el BOOK CLUB (Club del Libro), donde de vez en mes estaremos compartiendo aquellos libros que nos inspiran. Uno de nuestros propósitos de este año es leer más, Y SÍ, sabemos que a veces es un poco difícil y que la idea de pasarse la tarde comiendo pizza y oreo's frente al televisor viendo (-inserte aquí el nombre de su serie de televisión preferida -) es tentadora. Sí, amamos ver Netflix y leer blogs, pero ampliar nuestro rango de actividades creativas siempre viene bien./ Today I've joined my friend Avi Valencia from Petite Fashion Monster blog to create the BOOK CLUB, where we'll be sharing those book that inspire us. One of our goals this year is to read more, AND YES, we know that sometimes it's a bit difficult and that the idea of spending the afternoon eating pizza and oreo cookies in front of the TV watching (-insert here the name of your favorite TV show-) is tempting. Yes, we love to watch Netflix and read blogs, but expand our range of creative activities is always good!

Dicen que no hay libros viejos, porque siempre serán un nuevo descubrimiento para alguien. En esta ocasión Avi y yo les traemos dos recomendaciones de clásicos literarios:/ They say there are no old book, because they will always be a new discovery for someone. This time, we're recommending two literary classics:

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE (Orgullo y Prejuicio) by Jane Austen
La historia de amor entre Elizabeth Bennet y Mr. Darcy que ha inspirado series, historias, películas, etc. Jane Austen nos permite echar un vistazo al estilo de vida en Inglaterra en el siglo XIX, especialmente el de las mujeres, donde lo único que importaba era conseguir un marido o... conseguir un marido, pues toda la familia dependía de ello./ The love story between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy has inspired stories, movies, etc. Jane Austen allows us to look at the lifestyle in England in the nineteenth century, focusing on women, where all that mattered was getting a husband or... getting a husband, because the whole family depended on it.

Orgullo y Prejuicio nos presenta a la familia Bennet donde las 5 hijas son el alma de la novela, centrándonos en Elizabeth (Lizzie), la protagonista de la historia y con un carácter fuerte para la época. No te haremos muchos spoilers, pero te enamorarás de cada personaje en una novela que te hará sentir, llorar, reír y enamorarte./ Pride and Prejudice introduces us to the Bennet family where 5 daughters are the soul of the novel, focusing on Elizabeth (Lizzie), the protagonist of the story with a strong attitude for the time. We won't spoil a lot! But we promise you'll fall in love with each character in a masterpiece that will make you feel, cry, laugh and fall in love.

Cómpralo aquí / Buy it here

LOLITA by Vladimir Nabokov
Y de la Inglaterra del siglo XIX nos pasamos a los Estados Unidos de 1950 con una novela que en su tiempo fue sinónimo de escándalo al tratar la relación obsesiva de Humber, un profesor cuarentón recién llegado de Europa con su hijastra pre adolescente, Lolita. Lo interesante de este libro (aunque puede parecer un poco cansino en ocasiones y de repente me parecía difícil continuar) son las diferentes sensaciones que podemos experimentar: de lo romántico a lo erótico y obsesivo, hasta las anécdotas que te hacen cuestionarte el significado de la moralidad, la perversión o las diferencias entre la vieja Europa y la joven América./ And we move from England in the nineteenth century to the States in 1950 with a novel which once was a scandal to portrait the obsessive relationship of Humber, a forty years teacher from Europe with his preteen stepdaughter, Lolita. The interesting thing about this book (although it may seen a little bit tiresome at times and suddenly I found it difficult to continue reading) are the different sensations we can experience: from romantic to erotic and obsessive, to the anecdotes that make you question the meaning of morality, perversion or the differences between the old Europe and the young America.

Hay una gran diversidad de opiniones sobre Lolia de Vladimir Nabokov, yo te recomiendo leerlo y que des tu veredicto, pues es considerada una novela de alta calidad literaria y que sigue revolviendo cabezas, a pesar de haber sido publicada hace más de 60 años./ There is a great diversity of opinion on Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, I recommend you read it and give your final verdict, because it's considered a novel of hight literary quality and still stirring heads, despite having been published more than 60 years ago.

Cómpralo aquí/ Buy it here

¡Hasta el próximo post! No olvidas contarnos sobre el libro que estás leyendo ahora y buen finde. / See you soon! Don't forget to tell us in the comments something about the book you're currently reading and have a lovely weekend!


  1. Hola Pablo!
    I loved this book club idea, there's just something about being able drift away to another place with a book in hand. I'm loving and reading lots of Danielle Steel novels lately, she's one of my favorites. Have you anything by her?
    Thank you for your continuous support on my blog. Have a happy weekend! Bye

    1. Hello Radi! Yes, the coolest part about a book is that you can travel to another place or time from your sofa! I've heard about Danielle Steel, any specific recommendation? Let me know :D

      Thanks for your support too, dear!

  2. Oh my! you just featured two of my favorite books!!!!! I love them both! Classics are always the best! ehehheehhe glad you enjoyed the stories as well Pablo :)

    love lots,

  3. I didn't read Lolita! I guess I was just a bit uncomfortable with the theme and all that, but I've read some of Nabokov's literary criticsm and I really liked that so instead of Lolita I've read another novel by Vladimir Nabukov....I can't remember the name of the novel now and I can't find it on is one of his lesser known works, but I really like it. The novel is about an older man exploited by his young mistress, but at least she is an adult :) Anyway, great post.

    Pride and Prejudice is one of those novels that I've read many times. It is so well written and I absolutely loved all the characters.

    1. Yes, it's not an easy book to read, some people can feel uncomfortable with the topic as you mentioned, but Nabokov was a genius as writing. If you remember the name of the novel you're mentioning please let me know! Sounds very interesting :D

  4. Hola Pablo!
    Tengo ganas de leer ambos libros sobre todo "Lolita" ya que hermana me lo ha recomendado mil :)
    Hermosas tus fotos como siempre <3

  5. Que buenas recomendaciones chicos !! tomo nota "LOLITA". Me gustaría sacar más horas al día para leer, pero es complicado, por la noche un ratito y cuando se puede, en vacaciones siempre.

    Un abrazo grande amigo !

  6. Ambos libros demasiado buenoooos! los leí hace mucho tiempo pero como dices, es bueno desempolvar clásicos y darles una releída... a mí me pasa que se me olvidan y cuando los leo son sensaciones totalmente nuevas. Orgullo y Prejuicio es una de mis obras favoritas y me alegra que pienses igual :D
    Un besote Pablo, andaba media perdida pero ya estoy nivelando mi vida yutub/blog jajaj
    Besito (y te contesté lo del primer pero te lo digo acá igual, sí!los hombres pueden usarlo porque no tiene color, solo difumina y no se ve al ser aplicado, solo se ve difuminado a lo blur en photoshop jajaja)

    1. Hey, siempre es bueno desempolvar clásicos, te encuentras con una de detalles y cosas nuevas que no atisbaste en la primera leída ;)

      Bienvenida de nuevo al mundo blogging, Pakita :D

      Besos desde España!

  7. Hahaha! You know me too well dear. The idea of sitting while eating caramel popcorn as I watch series and movies is always the best, you will rarely find me holding a book but I have changed my ways this years and am vowing to read more. I love the story line from this book called pride and prejudice, it makes me wanna buy the book and read more. I need to Join a book club Pablo.

  8. Hola. Alguien lee fanfiction pride and prejudice? Alli había una genial historia que combinaba lolita y pride and prejudice. Se llamaba "Sweet Lolita" y la escribió dontstealmyvitaminies. Lastima que la autora la ha borrado :(. Si la han leído alguien la ha copiado? Gracias.

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